Roman Schaetzle Photography

Photography from Berlin, Germany

Making of "Striped"


For this shoot you need:

  • a bamboo blind. I looked for one with some bad reviews calling it "too see-through". The wider the better; mine is 1 meter / 3.2 feet, but better go for 1.2 meters / 4 feet
  • a remotely triggered speedlight / studio light, which you don't mind sticking black tape on the bulb
  • a black background, for example a simple foldable one
  • strong black tape (non-seethrough, even with strong flash)
  • some cardboard to block light
  • a model who is fine with "artistic nude" ;-) The setup does not look good with lingerie
  • optional: a lamp / flashlight for focus re-aquiring between shots


This is the room before any preparation.


The bamboo blinds are glued into the door frame sideways. All remaining top and bottom area is made opaque with some cardboard. A foldable black background is put on the side of the door frame. The model will stand on front of that background, very close to the blinds. There is another door to the right, so I can still reach both sides even with the blocked door frame.


This is the look from the "view" of the speedlight.


The speedlight is modified with the black tape, to create a very thin stripe of light. This adds to the sharpness of the shadows. It is a Yongnuo 560 IV, using the strongest setting


This is the look from the view of the model

These are the two perspectives from which I take the pictures


Unedited image out-of-cam. ISO 320, 70mm, f/4, 1/200s


Image with global adjustments in Lightroom. I escpecially bumped the brightness and contrast, increased both shadows and whites and decreased both highlights and blacks


Final image after detail adjustments in photoshop. I mostly added black space for the composition, did some geometric adjustments, turned light on the black background to black, and removed some distracting details